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Feb 24

Chicken Wing


I just returned from fishing in South Argentina, casting for stream trout in the Andes, an adventure that I will be sure to write more about in the future. While there, I met up with a man by the name of Ricardo, the director of relations between the hotel and the National Park Guard. Ricardo …

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Aug 09

Holey Handle

Cork handle

As most fly fishermen can attest to, cork handles are undoubtedly the most comfortable handles to use when casting. Although there are many types of handles, such as foam and composite, nothing seems to offer the support, durability, and comfort of cork. However, cork falls subject to a number of unavoidable mishaps throughout use. The …

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Jun 12

Dropping a Line

Harkness Park in CT

I was at Harkness Beach State Park for a social outing yesterday evening. While there, I walked down to the shore to speak with a number of fly fishermen that were gathering toward the evening. While discussing the different fish runs, and accepted patterns, I noticed that the majority of the fishermen, and women, were …

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Mar 26

Spot Fishing: ‘Quarter-turn Sweeps’

Spot fishing is a good technique when you find yourself in a situation where there are a number of visible fish rising. The basic idea is to always be ready for a repositioning of the fly to the place of the most current activity, whether that is along the shore, or toward the mid current …

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Mar 22

Fly Day Friday: The Usual


After you have spent a while on the stream, you realize that every fisherman has his own favorite fly. Although I have a number of flies that I have deemed valuable to me because of their effectiveness, and even though I have a handful of flies that have sentimental value to be, due to the …

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Mar 19

Casting a Broomstick?

Today I was speaking with my father, the man most responsible for my passion for fly-fishing, and we were discussing the topic of what should be considered when introducing a new angler to fly-fishing. The most important thing that was decided was that when someone is introduced to fishing, gear is a very influential part …

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