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Jan 08

Flying Fishermen

Hey Ya all! I’m back in the wonderful country of Argentina once again, and, once again my travels have revealed one more aspect of fly fishing that I cannot believe I have not yet mentioned : Flying Fishermen. I recently received a March Brown travel rod from my father for Christmas, an investment that I …

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Aug 09

Holey Handle

Cork handle

As most fly fishermen can attest to, cork handles are undoubtedly the most comfortable handles to use when casting. Although there are many types of handles, such as foam and composite, nothing seems to offer the support, durability, and comfort of cork. However, cork falls subject to a number of unavoidable mishaps throughout use. The …

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Jul 29

Bamboo Bows

bamboo fly rod

In the past I have written about the importance of bamboo rod maintenance and use. Today I would like to take time to point out one more precautionary measure that should never be overlooked when storing a bamboo fly rod. Although sealed cases are popular among most fishermen, many of us have that special, handcrafted, …

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May 26

Like Passing a Camel Through a Needle

This past weekend I spent time working with a gentlemen who wished to learn to cast a fly-rod. Before we even began casting, I noticed something that I thought appropriate to address. When threading a fly line through a rod, we have all faced the frustration of accidently dropping the line, and having to rethread …

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May 08

Casting a Memory

Although I enjoy the reliability and strength of my modern graphite, Pfueger rod, there tends to be a great joy in casting my grandfather’s handcrafted split bamboo rod. The rod is a ten and a half foot bamboo rod that he acquired long before I was born. My grandfather passed away before I was old …

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Mar 19

Casting a Broomstick?

Today I was speaking with my father, the man most responsible for my passion for fly-fishing, and we were discussing the topic of what should be considered when introducing a new angler to fly-fishing. The most important thing that was decided was that when someone is introduced to fishing, gear is a very influential part …

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Mar 18

Rust- Sand- Salt- Oh My!

In the battle against corrosion, the later are the three most destructive substances to reels, lines, and flies. Fly-fishing reels are extraordinarily more simplistic, and easier to maintain than most spin, and bait-casting, reels. The traditional fly reels, excluding ‘auto-stripping’ reels, consist of two major body pieces, and a simple drag system. Proper reel maintenance …

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