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Mar 08

Down Came The Rain And…

Fishing in the rain

Over the past few weeks, Monte, the rural town where I am currently residing, has seen days of rainfalls, resulting in a drastic rise in the water level of the lagoon on which the small town lies. As I have explained in past posts, there are a number of affects that rainfall has, especially in …

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Feb 25

Catch And Release


Whenever a fish is caught, there is the unavoidable predicament as to whether it is better to keep, or release the fish. Above and beyond personal convictions and state regulations, there are other factors that come into play when making this decision. There are many fly-fishermen that live by the “Catch, Release, Conserve” code, by …

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Feb 24

Chicken Wing


I just returned from fishing in South Argentina, casting for stream trout in the Andes, an adventure that I will be sure to write more about in the future. While there, I met up with a man by the name of Ricardo, the director of relations between the hotel and the National Park Guard. Ricardo …

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Feb 13

Making Weight

Fishing on the Lake

“Making Weight,” an expression that I heard constantly from my little brother during his high school wrestling career, has made its way into the fly fishing world. For those fishermen that enjoy nymphing and ‘wet-fly’ fishing, many companies have developed a number of different sinking lines that allow wet flies to sink more rapidly, thereby …

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Feb 07

Oh The Dry Season

Catch of the day

This past Saturday I finally made time to head to the local fishing lake to cast my new 6 piece, hoping to hook into a nice one as well. What I forgot to take into account was that we are currently in the dry season, and the once deep, tidal waters, have now diminished to …

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Feb 06

Loopy Leaders

I was recently asked my opinion bout looped leader. As opposed to a regular leaders, that are attached to the float line directly, using a blood-knot, a small, looped tag line is fastened to the float that the leader, also having a looped end, is woven through. There are a few advantages to a looped, …

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Jan 08

Flying Fishermen

Hey Ya all! I’m back in the wonderful country of Argentina once again, and, once again my travels have revealed one more aspect of fly fishing that I cannot believe I have not yet mentioned : Flying Fishermen. I recently received a March Brown travel rod from my father for Christmas, an investment that I …

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Dec 27

Where to begin?

Throughout the history of the website I have mentioned a number of wonderful patterns that have served countless fishermen well. We all know the joy of catching a nice trout on a new patterned, but what is unfathomably more enjoyable is catching trout on a pattern that you tied personally; a desire that most fly …

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Dec 23

Tying the Knot

This past week, a friend of the family bought a number of fly rods for their family members. As a result, I spent a couple hours assembling reels. While doing this, I remembered something important that I wanted to share with you all. When attaching the floating line to the backing, it is important to …

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Dec 17


Fly-Fishing in Winter

Hey everyone! I have just recently entered back into the US after having spent a few weeks in El Salvador, and boy is it cold here, especially when out on the water. As I have discussed in the past, there are a number of dangers that fishermen face during the winter months of the season. …

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