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Feb 06

Loopy Leaders

I was recently asked my opinion bout looped leader. As opposed to a regular leaders, that are attached to the float line directly, using a blood-knot, a small, looped tag line is fastened to the float that the leader, also having a looped end, is woven through. There are a few advantages to a looped, …

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Dec 23

Tying the Knot

This past week, a friend of the family bought a number of fly rods for their family members. As a result, I spent a couple hours assembling reels. While doing this, I remembered something important that I wanted to share with you all. When attaching the floating line to the backing, it is important to …

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Jul 26

Don’t Forget Your Line

A fly fisherman fishing for Atlantic Salmon on the Margaree River

I recently received the invitation to go on a short fly fishing excursion in Cape Cod. I, and a handful of other fly fishermen will be literally spending every waking moment on the waters edge. With this trip coming up, I would like to take time discussing one key aspect of salt water fishing. Because …

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Jun 12

Dropping a Line

Harkness Park in CT

I was at Harkness Beach State Park for a social outing yesterday evening. While there, I walked down to the shore to speak with a number of fly fishermen that were gathering toward the evening. While discussing the different fish runs, and accepted patterns, I noticed that the majority of the fishermen, and women, were …

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May 26

Like Passing a Camel Through a Needle

This past weekend I spent time working with a gentlemen who wished to learn to cast a fly-rod. Before we even began casting, I noticed something that I thought appropriate to address. When threading a fly line through a rod, we have all faced the frustration of accidently dropping the line, and having to rethread …

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May 19

Where To Draw The Line…

Yesterday I was speaking to a man who has just began to fly-fish, and he asked me an interesting question that seems to typically be overlooked, “how often should I change my fly line?” This question has a number of answers that can all be considered correct. Firstly, the leader and tippet should be treated …

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Apr 07

The Bottom Line


Every year, it seems that there are a number of reoccurring problems that every fisherman faces when fly fishing. One of the most common problems is in relation with the lines. Besides the problem of windknots and ‘birdsnests,’ there is an even greater problem that can arise to dirt, dust, and other foreign substances adhering …

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Mar 18

Rust- Sand- Salt- Oh My!

In the battle against corrosion, the later are the three most destructive substances to reels, lines, and flies. Fly-fishing reels are extraordinarily more simplistic, and easier to maintain than most spin, and bait-casting, reels. The traditional fly reels, excluding ‘auto-stripping’ reels, consist of two major body pieces, and a simple drag system. Proper reel maintenance …

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