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Feb 06

Loopy Leaders

I was recently asked my opinion bout looped leader. As opposed to a regular leaders, that are attached to the float line directly, using a blood-knot, a small, looped tag line is fastened to the float that the leader, also having a looped end, is woven through. There are a few advantages to a looped, …

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Oct 02

Breaking the Ice


Although I am currently in Argentina, and therefore do not get the opportunity to engage in the cold-water fall trout fishing this year, there is one thing that I thought I should throw out there for all of you who will be wading the waters of North America this coming fall. As we all know, …

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May 14

When You Get Hit

After all the casting and hard work finally pays off, and you have that beautiful trophy trout on your line, there are many things that take place both in your mind and physically on the water. The most common thoughts that come to mind are those regarding size, whether to keep it or not, and …

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May 07

Well Now That I Have the Fish…

Over the course of the blog, I have discussed many tips and tricks to catching more, and larger, trout. Although this is very helpful, there is more to the experience of fishing than just fishing for, and catching trout. Although the actual act of fishing is, in my opinion, the best part of fly-fishing, the …

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May 02

Fly Day Friday: The Hornberg

For all of you fishermen, and women, out there who wish to catch fish, the Hornberg is a wonderful fly to have in your arsenal when on the stream. People are not sure exactly when this fly was first fabricated. Some people believe it was some time in the 1930’s. What everybody knows, however, is …

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Apr 23

The Ultimate Fishing Challenge

The season has begun, and certainly on a good note for many of the fishermen around the country. I spent opening day this year on the Natchaug River in northeastern Connecticut. Although I did not get the opportunity to do much fishing, I did have the pleasure of sharing the art of fly-fishing with a …

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Mar 25

Tying the Usual

Fly Fishing

The Usual is a very simple fly to tie, and can easily be accomplished by anyone who is starting to tie flies, due to the fact that it is very forgiving. When I tie the Usual, I prefer to use a #10 Mustad hook. I have found this size to be most efficient when fishing …

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