Jan 08

Flying Fishermen

Fly fishermanHey Ya all! I’m back in the wonderful country of Argentina once again, and, once again my travels have revealed one more aspect of fly fishing that I cannot believe I have not yet mentioned : Flying Fishermen.

I recently received a March Brown travel rod from my father for Christmas, an investment that I highly recommend for any avid fisherman due to the endless opportunities that the world has to offer.

When buying a travel rod, the smallest is not always the best. My March Brown is a 5 piece, and I love the action it has to offer, but what you need to remember that at every point where the rod breaks, the rod is reinforced, and at those areas, you lose a small amount of power when casting. There many articles out there that can more easily explain what I am talking about, but it is important to take that into account when purchasing such a rod.

What can get interesting though, is that companies will sacrifice this reinforcement in order to offer better action. This fine line is left for the buying to decide based on the targeted fish. One piece of advise I can offer after talking to a number of other fishermen is this, try to buy a rod that is a weight heavier than you would desire. It will offer more security for those unexpected trophies, and you can always remove the butt and just cast the top if you so desire.

Furthermore, spend the extra money to buy nice case. Never go cheap when it comes to protecting your gear, especially when traveling. The extra couple dollars for a good hard case can save you hundreds in damages.