Feb 07

Oh The Dry Season

Catch of the dayThis past Saturday I finally made time to head to the local fishing lake to cast my new 6 piece, hoping to hook into a nice one as well. What I forgot to take into account was that we are currently in the dry season, and the once deep, tidal waters, have now diminished to a shallow puddle. Despite the circumstances, I rolled my jeans up and waded into the murky water and began fishing. Three hours, and a horrible sunburn later, I gave up in search of some aid from the locals who had gathered to watch this mysterious method of fishing. What I learned I wish I had known before I entered the mud. Apparently, as the lake begins to lose water, the majority of the fish move out, and swim into the outlet of the lake, where they remain in a deep hole that has formed over the years.

Excited about the possibility of heading there to try my luck, I learned also that it is only permitted for young children to fish that area, leaving me back where I started.

As I was about to pack up, I ran into an older man who was carrying three large bottom-feeders; I was Interested. sure they weren’t cut-throats or Rainbows, but they were fish. The man informed me that while the other fish find their way into deeper water, the bottom feeders flourish. At this I tied on a large, olive woolly-bugger, and headed back to the mud-hole. After about only a half hour, I found it was lunchtime and began to pack up.

Unfortunately, as I was retrieving my line, a large sucker took my line and snapped the bugger clean off at the tippet. Although he had the opportunity to live victorious for another week, I will be back out there tomorrow, armed with another bugger, and a bit stronger tippet.