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Feb 07

Oh The Dry Season

Catch of the day

This past Saturday I finally made time to head to the local fishing lake to cast my new 6 piece, hoping to hook into a nice one as well. What I forgot to take into account was that we are currently in the dry season, and the once deep, tidal waters, have now diminished to …

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Jan 08

Flying Fishermen

Hey Ya all! I’m back in the wonderful country of Argentina once again, and, once again my travels have revealed one more aspect of fly fishing that I cannot believe I have not yet mentioned : Flying Fishermen. I recently received a March Brown travel rod from my father for Christmas, an investment that I …

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Sep 20

The Argentine Way

Crossing the Rio de la Plata

The past weekend I had the opportunity to tour Rio de Plata, the largest river in the world. While there I had the opportunity to meet a number of men fishing along the dikes that ran along the waters edge. After speaking with there fishermen, I found that the general method of fishing was very …

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