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Dec 27

Where to begin?

Throughout the history of the website I have mentioned a number of wonderful patterns that have served countless fishermen well. We all know the joy of catching a nice trout on a new patterned, but what is unfathomably more enjoyable is catching trout on a pattern that you tied personally; a desire that most fly …

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Apr 23

The Ultimate Fishing Challenge

The season has begun, and certainly on a good note for many of the fishermen around the country. I spent opening day this year on the Natchaug River in northeastern Connecticut. Although I did not get the opportunity to do much fishing, I did have the pleasure of sharing the art of fly-fishing with a …

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Mar 31

Fish Tale

Today I chose simply to share with you a fishing tale from my past. Throughout my entire life, my family has owned a campground on the Natchaug River in Connecticut. The river is currently deemed a ‘trophy management stream,’ and has many great fishing holes. One summer day, when I was about 14 years old, …

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