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Dec 27

Where to begin?

Throughout the history of the website I have mentioned a number of wonderful patterns that have served countless fishermen well. We all know the joy of catching a nice trout on a new patterned, but what is unfathomably more enjoyable is catching trout on a pattern that you tied personally; a desire that most fly …

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Aug 03


fisherman on the river

The U.F.O., Unidentified Floating Object, goes by many names, but is a common fly to almost all fishermen in South America. The U.F.O. is just as it claims: ‘unidentified’. This fly is used as a general imitator; mimicking any large floating bug, such as a beetle, or large ant. The U.F.O. is particularly successful during …

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Aug 02

Wild Eyed Wooly

The Wild-Eyed Wooly (WEW) is a common fly amongst North American fly fishermen. Due to is versatility and productivity, it has earned its place as one of the best streamers to use when trout fishing in streams, rivers, lakes, and ponds. The WEW can be used as an imitator of the damsel nymph, which makes …

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May 27

Fly Day Friday: Mickey Mouse

Mouse Fly Rod Lure

For all of you fishermen that like to be a little different, and go against the grain of traditional fly fishing, the Mickey Mouse is undoubtedly the fly for you. The Mickey Mouse isn’t actually a fly at all, and is generally categorized as a member of the terrestrial family. Although this pattern is typically …

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May 23

Fly Day Friday: The Muddler Minnow

A Stamp printed in USA shows the Muddler Minnow Fly, Fishing Flies series, circa 1991

For all you fishermen out there who dream of catching trophy trout, yet always come up short, wondering why it seems that the trout aren’t eating anything you are presenting to them, it is actually quite simple; it seems as though they are not eating, because, in fact, they might not be. Before getting too …

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May 16

Fly Day Friday: Dr. C

The Damn-Real Caddis, or Dr. C, is not only a very physically attracting nymph, but it is also very effective. Caddis nymphs are one of the most interesting larvae due to their unique style of housing and source of camouflage. When I was six years old, my brothers and I were catching crayfish behind our …

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May 02

Fly Day Friday: The Hornberg

For all of you fishermen, and women, out there who wish to catch fish, the Hornberg is a wonderful fly to have in your arsenal when on the stream. People are not sure exactly when this fly was first fabricated. Some people believe it was some time in the 1930’s. What everybody knows, however, is …

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Apr 25

Wave Goodbye

When beginning to learn to fly fish, there are many problems that can arise due to the precision of the fly rod. Although this is true, there are simple tricks, that if known, can help save a lot of time, and remove stress from learning to cast. After having worked with a number of people …

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Apr 11

Fly Day Friday: The Wooly Bugger

Green wooly bugger trout fly in the wise

The Wooly Bugger’s forgiveness, and durability, makes this user-friendly streamer common amongst fishermen around the world. The Wooly Bugger’s simplicity tends to belittle its actual effectiveness when catching fish. It is often shunned away; tucked into small corners of fly boxes, and replaced with more majestic streamers, such as the Hornberg, or the Micky Finn. …

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Apr 10

Fly Day Friday: The Soft-Tail Crayfish

Each November, I look forward to heading up north to do some fishing during the steelhead and salmon runs. One specific trip is permanently inscribed in my mind as one of the greatest eye-openers in my career of fly fishing. After a sleepless night spent in a makeshift ‘motel,’ that seemed to be constructed much …

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