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Feb 07

Oh The Dry Season

Catch of the day

This past Saturday I finally made time to head to the local fishing lake to cast my new 6 piece, hoping to hook into a nice one as well. What I forgot to take into account was that we are currently in the dry season, and the once deep, tidal waters, have now diminished to …

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May 27

Fly Day Friday: Mickey Mouse

Mouse Fly Rod Lure

For all of you fishermen that like to be a little different, and go against the grain of traditional fly fishing, the Mickey Mouse is undoubtedly the fly for you. The Mickey Mouse isn’t actually a fly at all, and is generally categorized as a member of the terrestrial family. Although this pattern is typically …

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May 23

Fly Day Friday: The Muddler Minnow

A Stamp printed in USA shows the Muddler Minnow Fly, Fishing Flies series, circa 1991

For all you fishermen out there who dream of catching trophy trout, yet always come up short, wondering why it seems that the trout aren’t eating anything you are presenting to them, it is actually quite simple; it seems as though they are not eating, because, in fact, they might not be. Before getting too …

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May 13

‘Dead-Fly’ Done

Fly Fishing

For all of those fly fishermen our there who enjoy using streamers when fishing, there is one problem that seems almost inevitable at times: ‘dead-fly.’ Dead-fly is the term used to describe a streamer that tends to turn upside-down when being retrieved through the water. This action will cause the presentation of the fly to …

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Apr 29

Knot Again!


Regardless of how much experience one might have fly fishing, there are those few problems that everyone faces at one time or another. One of the most common, and unfortunate predicaments that occur when fly fishing, is wind knots, or ‘birds nests’ as they are commonly referred to. These pesky entanglements can result from numerous …

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Mar 21

What Fly When???

Fly Fisherman

When on the stream, fishermen face the constant struggle of selecting the right fly for the right moment. When attempting to ‘match the hatch,’ anglers must take into account different variables such as the season, time of day, weather conditions, water temperatures, and active hatches. There are, of course, situations when it is nearly impossible …

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