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Dec 23

Tying the Knot

This past week, a friend of the family bought a number of fly rods for their family members. As a result, I spent a couple hours assembling reels. While doing this, I remembered something important that I wanted to share with you all. When attaching the floating line to the backing, it is important to …

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Jun 17

Not Knots


This past weekend I had the opportunity to work with a young man who wished to be introduced to fly fishing. Before beginning his first lesson, I set him up with a Pflueger rod and reel kit. The same set that my father bought me when I began fly fishing. Although the package was supposed …

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Apr 29

Knot Again!


Regardless of how much experience one might have fly fishing, there are those few problems that everyone faces at one time or another. One of the most common, and unfortunate predicaments that occur when fly fishing, is wind knots, or ‘birds nests’ as they are commonly referred to. These pesky entanglements can result from numerous …

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Apr 07

The Bottom Line


Every year, it seems that there are a number of reoccurring problems that every fisherman faces when fly fishing. One of the most common problems is in relation with the lines. Besides the problem of windknots and ‘birdsnests,’ there is an even greater problem that can arise to dirt, dust, and other foreign substances adhering …

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Mar 25

Tying the Usual

Fly Fishing

The Usual is a very simple fly to tie, and can easily be accomplished by anyone who is starting to tie flies, due to the fact that it is very forgiving. When I tie the Usual, I prefer to use a #10 Mustad hook. I have found this size to be most efficient when fishing …

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Mar 22

Fly Day Friday: The Usual


After you have spent a while on the stream, you realize that every fisherman has his own favorite fly. Although I have a number of flies that I have deemed valuable to me because of their effectiveness, and even though I have a handful of flies that have sentimental value to be, due to the …

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