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Mar 08

Down Came The Rain And…

Fishing in the rain

Over the past few weeks, Monte, the rural town where I am currently residing, has seen days of rainfalls, resulting in a drastic rise in the water level of the lagoon on which the small town lies. As I have explained in past posts, there are a number of affects that rainfall has, especially in …

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Apr 11

Fly Day Friday: The Wooly Bugger

Green wooly bugger trout fly in the wise

The Wooly Bugger’s forgiveness, and durability, makes this user-friendly streamer common amongst fishermen around the world. The Wooly Bugger’s simplicity tends to belittle its actual effectiveness when catching fish. It is often shunned away; tucked into small corners of fly boxes, and replaced with more majestic streamers, such as the Hornberg, or the Micky Finn. …

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