Dec 27

Where to begin?

Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing

Throughout the history of the website I have mentioned a number of wonderful patterns that have served countless fishermen well.

We all know the joy of catching a nice trout on a new patterned, but what is unfathomably more enjoyable is catching trout on a pattern that you tied personally; a desire that most fly fishermen have, but few end up ever pursuing the art, usually because they do not know where to begin, faced most commonly with the question, “Where do I get the material.”

Buying the tools to begin tying is as simply as a trip to your local sports outfitter, however, acquiring the actually materials can be quite a challenge if you do not know where to look.

This time of year, as well as during other hunting seasons, the availability of materials increases greatly. Around the country there are thousands of gaming clubs, at which, hunters gather to register their trophies. Furthermore, there are many times throughout the year that these clubs engage in large bird roasts, and other such activities, resulting in large amounts of unused feathers and furs, that can readily be obtained.

Furthermore, there is another resource that I have found to be very useful when I am in need of material: the DEP. Over the past few years I have made friends with a member of the Maine DEP. Thanks to this contact, I have had access to a number of materials not readily available to me here in Connecticut. Therefore I highly recommend that you make friends with your local game clubs and DEP.

More than just natural materials alone, there are many other materials that can be found in a number of other places, such as your local arts and crafts store, filled with different yarns and colored feathers. I have found that some of the most useful materials I have in my arsenal are not ordered from magazines, or found attached to an animal, but rather have been found strolling the aisles of ‘Crafts R Us.’