Dec 17


Fly-Fishing in Winter

Fly-Fishing in Winter

Hey everyone! I have just recently entered back into the US after having spent a few weeks in El Salvador, and boy is it cold here, especially when out on the water. As I have discussed in the past, there are a number of dangers that fishermen face during the winter months of the season.

One major challenge that we all face is staying warm. There are people who have the idea that it is easier to get warm than cool off, due to the fact that you can always put more clothes on, but can only take so much off. Although this is partially true, there is one important factor to remember: sweat.

Many fisherman forget to factor in sweat when they prepare for the winter outdoors. Although layering clothes will result in immediate warmth, if you become so warm that you begin to sweat, than you run the risk of hypothermia in the same way as if your clothes are dampened by river water or rain.  hypothermia results when your body temperature drops rapidly, the problem results when outside air begins to cool the water against your skin, in this case, sweat. due to the fact that temperature can be transferred through water faster than air, the sweat causing a more rapid exchange of temperature, resulting in a faster drop in body temperature.

There are many clothing products that can cut down on this temperature transfer, that will absorb your sweat and allow your body to maintain proper temperature. all in all, it is important to remain warm, but be careful to not become so warm that in becomes a danger. furthermore, look around, and invest in sweat-absorbent undershirts.